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A Comprehensive Approach to Change

The BECAUZ Accelerator program utilizes proprietary Processes, Tools and Systems to install transformational change in Leaders, Teams and Organization. This process accelerates change because of our proven processes, dynamic facilitation and an integrated, systemic approach.
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Conversation with Caroline Kay, COO, BECAUZ

We recently had a chat with the newly appointed COO at BECAUZ, Caroline Kay, to hear her thoughts about her new role and future of BECAUZ. Here’s what she had to say:

Q:   How will your responsibilities and perspective change as you move into the newly created Chief Operating Officer role at BECAUZ?

A:   This is natural progression and expansion of the work I’ve been doing at BECAUZ for quite some time, working with our global network of consultants and directing delivery of the programs that accelerate change with our clients’ leaders, teams and organizations. As COO, I’ll focus more of my time on expanding the company—ensuring BECAUZ has the ability to grow and scale as we need to, to meet the growing needs of our global client base.

BECAUZ Offsite

Core team, facilitators, and coaches at a BECAUZ team offsite in September

Q:   In creating a new C-level position at BECAUZ, how will your team “walk the talk” – i.e. use the firm’s own expertise to successfully transform the team? 

A:   Practicing what we preach is part of the basic DNA at BECAUZ. We’re a learning organization and we love to “model the way.” We test all our services on our own organization before extending them to clients. We beta test processes at our team retreats and do extensive training with our cadre of senior coaches and facilitators.

We give regular and focused feedback to each other every day: before, during and after every client engagement. We firmly believe in the value of coaching and BECAUZ leaders all have coaches, experts from outside our team. This keeps us honest; gives us critical, objective perspective. This training, coaching and feedback system is a fundamental part of how we evolve the company on an on-going basis—not just in this one instance of organizational change.

Event Setup

Caroline setting up for a client event

Q:   BECAUZ states that it “accelerates breakthrough change in leaders and teams.” That’s a tall order. How does your team achieve transformation with your clients?

A:   We work with clients at the individual and team level in a systemic way—providing a customized, integrated suite of programs, proven process and dynamic facilitation. This systemic approach fuses real-world experience with the latest in behavioral science and performance coaching. For example, we accelerate a team’s growth strategy, increasing its ability to deliver results. We accomplish this through leading-edge content, inescapable processes, and dynamic “in the heat” facilitation, coaching and event management.

Accelerator Program

Caroline and the BECAUZ team on site a client’s Accelerator Program

Q:   BECAUZ works with several large, multinational clients. How is your firm able to help those global companies achieve organization-wide change with your leadership team here in Seattle?

A:   We’ve created a global network of senior consultants who work with our clients on the ground in Europe, Asia and across the US. These are seasoned individuals with practical business experience in management and leadership roles, plus deep philosophical, academic and empirical backgrounds. Our team has a fire in the belly for transformational facilitation and each member loves applying his or her expertise to coaching and facilitating organizational change. They’re scattered across the globe but they work together, and with BECAUZ leadership team, as part of our systemic approach—delivering BECAUZ’s programs to enable clients to achieve breakthrough change.


Caroline and the BECAUZ team love to celebrate with bubbly!

Q:   You’re known for producing big, bold corporate events across the globe. Does the new position mean you’ll now mainly be riding a desk in Seattle?

A:   You don’t want me riding a desk. I’ll get fidgety. I love meeting new people and strengthening existing relationships. My job is to ensure excellent execution in all that BECAUZ does and that means being out and about. So I’ll be out meeting with team members and clients on a more regular and constant basis.

Besides, I have a Fitbit and I have to get my steps in…


To find out more about Caroline’s new role, read the press release: BECAUZ Appoints Caroline Kay as Chief Operating Officer 

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