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A Comprehensive Approach to Change

The BECAUZ Accelerator program utilizes proprietary Processes, Tools and Systems to install transformational change in Leaders, Teams and Organization. This process accelerates change because of our proven processes, dynamic facilitation and an integrated, systemic approach.
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Microsoft Enterprise Commerce IT

The Challenge

Enterprise Commerce IT was formed in 2010 to build and support process automation platforms for Microsoft’s $50B+ global volume licensing business. Working with Microsoft’s largest customers and partners, they support pricing, contracting, order management, product fulfillment, entitlements, and invoicing processes.

B.J. Moore, Vice President of ECIT, knew from the outset that big legacy challenges and emergent industry shifts were ahead as Microsoft adopted a devices and services model. He wanted his 1,100 person team to be prepared for not just the technical challenges: they needed a new teaming and leadership approach in order to evolve for the future. Early in 2010, on the advice of his HR Director, B.J. called on BECAUZ to develop a three-year roadmap to accelerate the organization.

Our Approach

BECAUZ designed the ECIT roadmap to take the organization through three stages of development: “Executing on Mission Possible,” “Strategic Agility & Alignment,” and “Culture of Ownership & Entrepreneurship.” Our unique SystemsSight view of the organization makes us uniquely qualified to help drive strategy and results.

Each year, BECAUZ creates a customized development program for ECIT based on building leadership capacity and landing strategy. The integrated development plan engages the complete BECAUZ suite of offerings to accelerate leadership, team and organizational results.

  • Organizational, Cultural and Leadership Strategy Consulting
  • Top Leadership Team Transform-Lead-Exceed (TLE) Program with strategic offsites and systemic coaching
  • Transformational Events including summits and team experiences
  • TLE Programs including strategic offsites and embedded coaching for key teams within ECIT
  • Systemic Coaching across the ECIT Leadership Community
  • Accelerator Programs for the ECIT organization for specific business focus areas
  • Consulting focused on communications, marketing and change leadership

BECAUZ’s unique systemic approach to one-on-one coaching is a key differentiator for ECIT. BECAUZ coaches ensure that client coaching plans are integrated with the ECIT roadmap and associated 90 day imperatives. Coaches then work as a cadre to compile feedback and themes, serving as a “listening system” for leadership while protecting client confidentiality.

Members of ECIT are located in the United States, as well as in India, China and Ireland. The global facilitation and coaching team at BECAUZ is able to meet the team where they are by holding offsites and conducting one-on-one coaching locally.

The Results

Demonstrates leadership’s commitment to the individual development and success
B.J. Moore has one of the highest scores within Microsoft on the company’s annual Leadership Effectiveness Index survey, at 96% confidence in him has a leader. B.J. believes that a core reason for this high level of trust is the investment he has made in aligning his organization and developing his people.

Creates a united front as the organization evolves for the future
Through offsites and coaching, ECIT’s people have the tough conversations necessary to align strategy to vision, build high trust relationships, and create a clear identity as an organization. This has allowed them to scale and execute together in a complex environment. BECAUZ tracks 20 organizational indicators at each level of the organization and the results are remarkable: across the board, ECIT teams are consistently raising the bar in how they work together and the results they are able to generate.

Adaptability, innovation and engagement are thriving in our group. With guidance from BECAUZ we have been able to build trust, share accountability and express hot opinions safely. Our 1100 person, global team has evolved drastically from three years ago, and I attribute that change to systemic coaching, training and facilitation from BECAUZ.

Mike EslingerBusiness ManagerMicrosoft - Enterprise Commerce Group

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