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The BECAUZ Accelerator program utilizes proprietary Processes, Tools and Systems to install transformational change in Leaders, Teams and Organization. This process accelerates change because of our proven processes, dynamic facilitation and an integrated, systemic approach.
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Welcome to Athens, Greece, Miss Kay

Why thank you. Lovely to be here. Although arriving at 3 o’clock in the morning is not so nice. Not a bad journey over – managed to keep Ian awake for most of the journey over from Seattle, think he is looking forward to the quiet of his hotel room.

Couple hours sleep and it is breakfast time. The hotel is a buzz with people milling around. Tourists, students taking exams in the conference room upstairs and a local pharmaceutical company finishing off their conference.

In about 48hours the hotel will be taken over again as 380 people start to make their journey to Greece.

Can’t wait for everybody to arrive – like a family reunion. Off to find my events office and unpack all our boxes.

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