BECAUZ Accelerators

A Comprehensive Approach to Change

The BECAUZ Accelerator program utilizes proprietary Processes, Tools and Systems to install transformational change in Leaders, Teams and Organization. This process accelerates change because of our proven processes, dynamic facilitation and an integrated, systemic approach.
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What We Do

We work at the intersection of people and business to design a custom program for your organization. Our programs are aligned to the BECAUZ Transform, Lead Exceed ~ TLE Process and leverage our four pivotal services.

Growth and Strategy Consulting

BECAUZ accelerates an organization’s ability to deliver on its growth strategy through savvy consulting, functional expertise, and program execution. Our areas of particular strength and experience are Strategic Planning, Change and Transformation, Marketing, Internal Communications, and Experience Design. Our consultants are experts in their respective fields who advise, complement and extend the resources of client organizations.

BECAUZ has developed our Organizational Change Management strategy and facilitated driving quantum change @ scale throughout our new 540 person organization. They have been a force multiplier by galvanizing us around a bold strategy, seasoning our leaders, changing entrenched behaviors, developing change champions, and creating high levels of accountability and resilience. BECAUZ’s powerful and practical strategies, unique processes and immediately applicable tools have positioned us to thrive through executional excellence, transformed customer experiences and new ways of working together.

Michael CockrillCIOWashington State

Leadership and Team Development

BECAUZ accelerates business success by transforming leadership teams and their biggest challenges. An integrated program of facilitated offsites and embedded coaching equips leadership teams with frameworks and skills required to execute with excellence and evolve their completive advantage. BECAUZ cascades development through learning events and conferences that engage and transform organizations.

BECAUZ implements highly effective transformation programs that deliver strong performance today and ensure we are developing an innovative workforce for the future. We need to be able to out-perform and out-innovate the competition and BECAUZ helps us do that consistently.

Tyson HartmanEVPAvanade

Business and Performance Coaching

BECAUZ amplifies the performance and effectiveness of leaders through executive and embedded team coaching. We combine a seasoned business perspective with a deep understanding of human dynamics to offer insights, build skills, and provide practical tools for leaders. Team coaching, in combination with 1:1 coaching for individual leaders, accelerates change for sustained results at a system-wide level.

Over the last decade, our group has experienced huge change across the board. BECAUZ’s coaching and guidance throughout that change has made an impact across our worldwide teams – enabling us to take cycles of change and turn them into a transformative experience. The conversation with BECAUZ meant that we didn’t just talk about excellence and high-performing team – we did it. The mix of methodologies, passion and know-how BECAUZ brought to our business created tremendously valuable outcomes.

Douglas BarrancottoChief of Staff CIOMicrosoft

Accelerated Learning Experiences

BECAUZ provides learning experiences and workshops in which teams gain new perspectives, frameworks and capabilities. Teams achieve breakthroughs in thinking and behaviors related to real-world challenges. Not merely skill-building training, these sessions are full-immersion, experiential learning environments where participants’ mindsets and behaviors shift rapidly, resulting in increased engagement and effectiveness.

Our work with BECAUZ enabled us to really develop the leaders in our organizations and help them to successfully navigate a complex and changing world. Leaders developed by BECAUZ are a true competitive advantage for us. We now have the capability and capacity to build and deliver on clear strategies, flourish in the midst of uncertainty and anticipate challenges that are just over the horizon.

EJ BlanchfieldCOOPoint B Inc.
Client Testimonials
We took six months off our team’s development time in the first offsite.
Mike PongonCEOPoint B

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