Ian McKelvie

Managing Partner

Email: ian@becauz.com

Ian McKelvie is an internationally recognized expert in accelerating leadership results and transforming top teams. He thrives on challenges and inspiring others to bring their best as he impacts systems culturally, behaviorally and strategically. Blending his perspectives from a diverse life shaped on four continents with an intense entrepreneurial mind, Ian is a catalyst who harnesses leadership development and organizational strategy to drive tangible, measureable results.

As an in-demand organizational leadership coach, Ian works with senior executives across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He consistently wins praise from his clients for his wealth of experience, ability to bring in outside perspectives, and his uncompromising commitment to leaders achieving their highest aspirations. Ian serves as a senior level trusted partner for firms including Microsoft, Avanade, Point B, McKinstry and Siemens.

A recipient of Inc. Magazine’s prestigious Marketing Masters Award and Cisco’s Growing with Technology Award, Ian spent twenty years leading teams for Fortune 500 Firms including IBM and Xerox and also developed three successful startups.

Ian received a BBA with a concentration in Finance and his MBA equivalent from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Process Work Psychology.

Outside of BECAUZ, Ian enjoys a number of outdoor activities as a helicopter pilot, white water rafting enthusiast, and mountain biking aficionado. In business and in life, Ian believes that a life well lived is one in which an individual truly makes a difference.