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A Comprehensive Approach to Change

The BECAUZ Accelerator program utilizes proprietary Processes, Tools and Systems to install transformational change in Leaders, Teams and Organization. This process accelerates change because of our proven processes, dynamic facilitation and an integrated, systemic approach.

How do we maximize our impact as a World Class IT Organization and embrace the challenges presented by global economic and IT events and trends?

Walter PuschnerVP - Worldwide Field ITMicrosoft

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How do we maximize our impact as a World Class IT Organization and embrace the challenges presented by global economic and IT events and trends?

Walter PuschnerVP - Worldwide Field ITMicrosoft

BECAUZ tailors the programs they offer us to closely align to our business needs. Each and every interaction has its own dynamic, and they are able to adjust what they do, live in the moment, to maximize results and value. That kind of adaptability and dynamism is a core skill you don’t often find.

Walter PuschnerVice President, User ExperienceMicrosoft

BECAUZ are savvy social architects who create environments that lead to extraordinary learning and results. With your help, our 80-person extended leadership team has moved from a “command and control” focus to an “inspire and involve” culture, with alignment and ownership embedded into the leadership ecosystem.

Jacky WrightVPMicrosoft SESIT

With BECAUZ we have consistently generated breakthrough results and have been able to align our teams around transformational strategy. We have built an adaptive organization that flourishes in the midst of uncertainty and innovates to create solutions that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

B.J. MooreVice PreidentMicrosoft - Enterprise Commerce IT

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Over the past couple of years, I have been fortunate to work with BECAUZ for team support, consulting, and other high value business services. BECAUZ has provided critical input and advising through a significant re-structuring of my team – as a result, we have a high performing organization today. BECAUZ cares about my business, the people in my organization, and ultimately about the success of my company – that’s a great partner.
Joel KneisleyFounderCloudwise Consulting Group

I’m normally skeptical to consultants consulting consultants, but BECAUZ was very different. They work very well for us: they are pragmatic, refreshingly down to earth and action-oriented, at the same time as they keep the big strategic picture in mind. Their personal commitment and attention to detail is a nice icing on the cake!”

Florin RotarSVPAvanade

As a coach and facilitator, Ian is a dynamic and inspirational presence. He has the respect and experience to identify, challenge, and reconcile the limiting behaviors and entrenched positions that hold teams back. He is a seasoned navigator and is deeply committed to our leaders, teams, and future. Together, we’ve raised our ambitions, challenged our status quo, developed vital leadership skills, and are on an exciting journey to successful and sustainable performance.

Tracy J. OdenManagement AssociationBoeing
Ian was essentially my Chief Transformation Officer, with a full seat on my Leadership Team. He is an inspiring, intentional and extremely effective leader – able to operate in disruptive, turbulent and highly diverse cultural environments. His 10x thinking, bold vision and relentless pursuit of “what’s possible” activated leaders at all levels to champion change and adapt to challenges we hadn’t experienced before.
Walter PuschnerGlobal CIOMicrosoft

The BECAUZ team organized and delivered what my team called simply the greatest event we have ever done. The facilitators and BECAUZ team members were great and the challenges had everyone bring their best! Everything from needs analysis through design and execution was impeccable.

Ada HealeyVP of Real EstateVulcan
BECAUZ has served as a catalyst. After each high impact learning experience, our team is buzzing with renewed purpose – completely engaged in delivering Onvia’s mission. BECAUZ has unlocked our potential through a relentless focus on bottom line results and heart-centered encouragement.
Mike PickettPresident and CEOOnvia

I had no idea that having a business coach would be this valuable and rewarding. I’ve benefited tremendously from the genuine value that (BECAUZ) has brought to the table with an ability to see through to the heart of an issue and help me discover the gems that I had been missing along my journey. My coach’s insight and support have helped me achieve incredible success with regard to my company, my financial success and in my ability to enjoy life on a whole new level.

Sean M. FlemingCEOWentworth Development

Becauz was amazing – not only did the whole experience enliven our company’s culture, existing and new members of our team were engaged at a whole new level.

Dick FischerCEOFischer Properties

All of you did a fantastic job of addressing the goals we had set beforehand and then some! Because of your efforts, we returned to our offices as a new team. We are a stronger team and, for the first time ever, we are a unified team.

Devri PierattSnyder Roofing

Having BECAUZ help us with our Holiday party was the best decision I could have made. For the first time, I did absolutely nothing. I literally just showed up at the party and hoped for the best. And the best it was! You did a phenomenal job. The space was beautiful, the holiday décor tasteful, and the food superb. The best part? Not having to worry about a thing. I will definitely hand over our next party for you to plan and execute.

Rita Herrera IrvinPartnerMcKinley Irvin

We have a clear plan for the future of our company and have become self-aware about the individual strengths of our team. Our corporate retreat inspires us every day to help our clients more as partners. That approach has been extremely important to our profitability.

Erika SchmidtCOOFrause Group
BECAUZ has sharpened my focus, expanded my vision, expanded my behavioral capabilities and created a new sense of agility that has allowed me to reach new heights. Their team has provided me the feedback, tools and coaching to understand where I am and how I can grow.
Brian TurnerChief Service Delivery OfficerPoint B

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BECAUZ doesn’t operate merely on intuition, but on field-tested truths developed over decades of working with top teams. They will decipher your organization’s performance DNA and then design a tailored program and process that bonds specific capacities and capabilities with high performance. BECAUZ focuses on enabling you to deliver business results you need.

Joel KneisleyCIO

BECAUZ applies its real-world expertise in global business to help us build capacity and boost performance across a tremendously diverse team. The sensitivity to cultural strengths and distinctions, the understanding of complex, rapidly changing market dynamics, and the caliber of the BECAUZ teams have created lasting and deep impact and produced rock-star results for our team.

Bhargavi NuvvulaVP Development IndiaAmazon

The very best of many event organizers with whom I have worked…

Kim FitzsimmonsHead of PRBritish Telecommunications

BECAUZ are growth hackers and change experts who engage the head and the heart to provide exactly what 21st century organizations need. BECAUZ’s insights, strategies, new ways of thinking and practical application have been invaluable as we look to re-imagine our firm and grow our people for the future.

Chris SchmidtCEO Moss Adams

BECAUZ has developed our Organizational Change Management strategy and facilitated driving quantum change @ scale throughout our new 540 person organization. Over the past 18 months, BECAUZ have been our trusted guides, working side by side with our people to literally Reinvent WaTech.

BECAUZ’s powerful and practical strategies, unique processes and immediately applicable tools have positioned us to thrive through executional excellence, transformed customer experiences and new ways of working together.

BECAUZ has been a force multiplier by galvanizing us around a bold strategy, seasoning our leaders, changing entrenched behaviors, developing change champions, and creating high levels of accountability and resilience.

Michael CockrillCIOWashington State

BECAUZ deeply understands the intersection of business, culture and human performance. They facilitate conversations that have a remarkable impact on markets, business models and people. Having disruptive conversations in advance of developing strategy and then focusing our leaders on execution has led to massive business impact. We execute decisively and then evolve our people’s capacity for the future. That way, we drive excellent results and simultaneously learn how to adapt to the immense complexity and change occurring around the globe.

Truett TateCEOANZ

BECAUZ is outstanding at developing high performing leadership teams capable of navigating today’s complex business climate. For over a decade, BECAUZ helped us unlock our team’s potential and competitive advantage. They’ve consistently partnered with us to take on big challenges by getting all of our leaders to row in the same direction, creating a situation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This evolution means we’re taking better advantage of opportunities and overcoming barriers that were holding us back.

Jon FlemingPresidentGuidacent

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