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A Comprehensive Approach to Change

The BECAUZ Accelerator program utilizes proprietary Processes, Tools and Systems to install transformational change in Leaders, Teams and Organization. This process accelerates change because of our proven processes, dynamic facilitation and an integrated, systemic approach.

How do we maximize our impact as a World Class IT Organization and embrace the challenges presented by global economic and IT events and trends?

Walter PuschnerVP - Worldwide Field ITMicrosoft

How can we create a leadership team to transform our firm?

Mike PongonCOOPoint B

How can we most effectively communicate our Real Estate Repositioning offering to add value for our clients?

Tony StewartVice PresidentMcKinstry

How do we maximize our impact as a World Class IT Organization and embrace the challenges presented by global economic and IT events and trends?

Walter PuschnerVP - Worldwide Field ITMicrosoft

BECAUZ tailors the programs they offer us to closely align to our business needs. Each and every interaction has its own dynamic, and they are able to adjust what they do, live in the moment, to maximize results and value. That kind of adaptability and dynamism is a core skill you don’t often find.

Walter PuschnerVice President, User ExperienceMicrosoft

BECAUZ are savvy social architects who create environments that lead to extraordinary learning and results. With your help, our 80-person extended leadership team has moved from a “command and control” focus to an “inspire and involve” culture, with alignment and ownership embedded into the leadership ecosystem.

Jacky WrightVPMicrosoft SESIT

With BECAUZ we have consistently generated breakthrough results and have been able to align our teams around transformational strategy. We have built an adaptive organization that flourishes in the midst of uncertainty and innovates to create solutions that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

B.J. MooreVice PreidentMicrosoft - Enterprise Commerce IT

How can we engage our entire organization and partners as leaders to realize our vision?

Senior Director of a field readiness group

How do we get our engineering leads and their teams to perform at even higher levels as we grow and scale our business?

Brett HelselSr. VP EngineeringIsilon Systems, Inc.

What would be possible across teams if we collaborated?

Andrew ClaphamSenior DirectorDesign & Construction

How can we drive team performance, build client relationships and generate a better bottom line?

Erika SchmidtPresident & COOFrause

How can we build a global innovation engine without adding people or additional dollars?

Tyson HartmanChief Technology OfficerAvanade

Establishing a Culture of Innovation

Establishing a culture of innovation

Last week, I suggested that you consider two fundamental questions about your focus on—and ownership of—innovative thinking and behavior. As a leader, do you:

  1. Naturally focus on execution or innovation?
  2. Personally feel responsible for developing innovations to drive your company forward or do you delegate this to others?

innovation-2-sbHaving considered these questions about yourself, turn to the business environment you are cultivating. Are you establishing an environment that actively encourages innovation?

Ask the following questions of yourself and your leadership team.

Does our team have leaders with a well-known track record for generating innovative ideas for new processes, products, services or businesses?

  • Do we actively screen for creativity and innovation skills in our hiring practices?
  • Do we evaluate an employee’s creativity or innovation skills and consider it an important part of the performance appraisal process?

Do we often engage in brainstorming to generate wild ideas by drawing analogies from other products, companies or industries?

  • Do we encourage team members to ask questions that challenge the status quo or conventional ways of doing things?
  • Do we cultivate new ideas by giving people frequent opportunities to observe the activities of customers, competitors, or suppliers?
  • Have we instituted formal processes for employees to network outside the company to find new ideas for processes or products?
  • Do have processes to allow for frequent experiments or pilots of new ideas in search of new innovations?


  • Do we expect everyone to offer creative ideas for how the company might change products and processes?
  • Are people on our team unafraid to take risks and fail because top management supports and rewards risk taking?

Innovative companies evolve because innovation is actively embedded into the core of the business and the culture. Leadership proactively engages in, encourages and rewards innovative thinking and behavior. Team members feel empowered to take risks, challenge the status quo and seek out new ideas.

And together, the entire organization can charge forward to new product offerings, new markets and more satisfaction – and fun – in their work.

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